The Clap

“If Looks Could Kill”

CD, Strain Records, April 2004

The Clap is the longest running punk band in the Lehigh Valley (PA) area. I’ve had the privelege of seeing these songs live for a few years, so the actual release of this CD was like visiting an old friend. This line up includes Mark Kale (ex Robosphere, Weston, Swine Sallys, Digger etc…) on guitar and Mikey (ex Objects of Hate, 411 Blue Ribbon Band) on drums along with the Johnny Loftus, the punk rock legend on bass and vocals. This lineup is one of the most aggressive Clap lineups over the last 25 years. Their mix of originals and covers fits well. “1-2-3”, “Henry the 8th”, “Annette” and “Silver Bells” fit the Clap perfectly. The old tunes and more recently penned tunes all sound fresh and energetic. There are no clunkers here. I love the Clap and hope they are around for at least another 25 years!


The Clap

“Clean Living and Penicillin”

CD, Strain Records

This line up of the Clap (Roman, Rude Dog, and the ever present Johnny) was one of the longest lasting. These nine songs are very familiar to the local, over-21 punk fans. The Clap, as well as any one who has ever seen them live, feed off of Johnny’s energy, which appears to be limitless. Tell me how many grandparents are still playing their hearts out, doing what has meaning to them and making it still sound vital and not a lame send up. Three cheers for the Clap!


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