The Band

JOHNNY : Bass & Lead VocalsJohnny Early show

Johnny Is the Leader and the only original member of the band

He runs strain Productions the bands own Record Label, He is

Published By B.M.I. and A Dionysus Recording Artist.

He Has also played bass in the FUX and his cover band Nostalgia

Crisis. He also Manages the Pork Dukes U.S. Tours.

Born January 31,1961 He is an old punk of 53 years and will most

likely play in THE CLAP till he Dies!


Only Original Member

Only Original Member


Johnny Dickies show 2


Johnny 5The Clap Catty Shack 12


The Clap Catty Shack 12Johnny 599 US. tour 8Bernies 3Johnny 2CD Photo shoot 13The Clap VFW 2England 2000 tour 2499 US. tour 7








Ronn Has done 2 tours with The Clap in the past, filling in for Randy before

His departure. Now after Mike’s leave Ronn is at the helm Beating the Skins!

Ronn Also Played with : Follow fashion Monkeys , The Fux and

Admit Nothing.

While in the Band Ronn and Johnny Can sometimes be seen standing Naked

in the Front of venues after gigs. Ronn Also Likes Freezing swims In January in

the East River or the Ocean.

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Reaper 2 1/4 in. 






Art is the newest member of THE CLAP he joined in 

October 2013 as a fill in for the Pork Dukes tour and

Decided to Stay . Art Brings a Full punchy/Chunky sound 

to The Clap. Johnny says he is the closest to the original 

Clap Sound. Art’s former Bands are :

1988-90- Bass-  Black Vomit,1990-93-Bass/Guitar – But Uglyart_2

2002-04-Guitar – Take The Fifth,2004-2011 Guitar

Ambergris,2011-13-Guitar – ZeroGs/Chem-D

2013 to Present -Guitar –  Maddog Surrender/The Clap

art_1Clap button 410175066_10201953183939662_2517050896398822988_n




imaArt 6e (3)





Dox is a Veteran of the Lehigh Valley Punk Scene he played in Bands

such as : Kaos,, Endangered Species, Dogs Of Straw, I’d Rather Be Dead

Slam Hounds, Used Rags, Screw Heads , Dead End Drive and The Clap.

He Is a Multi talented musician  . he Plays : Guitar, Bass, Vox,

Drums Key Board and Sax  

Clap button 3 


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