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Looking to end this year and start a new

The end of the year is almost here  and The Clap is waiting to start the New Year ! We will be spending the Cold months working on a new LP ! We are going to start a Pledge Music Campaign So People Can order in advance for the first 250 which will be on a special colored Vinyl. We Will set up a Page to pre order the LP. We only use Paypal so get yourself an account and pre order the New Album By                                                                                                                 !THE CLAP !

There will also be a contest for the name of the Album ! Johnny wants the fans to be involved in this LP!

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Me And Ajax


More Vintage Photo’s of The Clap

Clarion college showJohnny 5The Clap VFW 3

The Clap Up Coming Show

long swamp show

Happy Memorial Day God Bless Our Troops

penn skate photo


Welcome to The Clap official Website and Blog. we are currently under construction,Check back in the near future News,Info, Tour Dates and much more.





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