The Original Band

The Original Band


Johnny England

THE CLAP  was formed in the spring of 1978. Johnny Loftus on Bass,Mike Rex on Guitar and Robby Brungard on Drums. They were a very important chapter in the Lehigh Valley’s punk history. Considered pioneers in that they were one of the first punk bands in the Lehigh Valley. Inspired by the New York and British punk scene the clap appeared on the scene with an explosive punk style.Their first show was a talent contest at Catasauqua High school,American Legion  4They took first place and won $50.00. After that they started playing shows at local clubs and events. they picked up a manager Dave McQuillen and started clap unlimited and Booking the band at local venues with punk and new wave acts like 999,4 out of 5 doctors,the hitmen,the fast,the Reds and many more. Also at this time the band started playing colleges and bigger venues.

Dont say no coverIn 1981 the Clap started recording there first single “Don’t Say No” ,Which prompted Johnny to start Strain Productions and Strain Records. In the spring of 1982 the single was released on Strain Records. there were 1,000 copies printed at first in which 200 were put in Jukeboxes in the north east U.S. The second pressing was released as an EP on red vinyl in 1994 included 2 bonus live tracks Vd is no Laughing Matter and Mother. The B- side Killed By Kindness can be found on the Killed By Death compilation series  Volume # 22. then In 1999 the EP was picked up by Dionysus Records [ the Bacchus archives ] and can still be purchased today on there website www.dionysusrecord.com Johnny Early show

The Band went through some rough times in 1983 & 1984.Mike  The Guitarist had to have several operations on his stomach valves. The deaths of band members close family,Drug addictions. there guitars were even stolen at a show  we played with the Cramps.It took a year and a half to recover the guitars (they were stolen by the bar owner).Even through hard times the band stuck together playing show and writing new material.In 1983 The Clap lost their manager and were on their own.They ditched the clap unlimited productions and Johnny started Strain Productions and became one of the Lehigh valley’s top promoters of punk shows along with Partners Johnny Generic,Scot Andrews and Ileen Bath They were the pioneers of the LVHC booking top named punk bands and forming a Punk  huge scene  in the Lehigh Valley.This gave THE CLAP  the opportunity to Grow and open for such bands like: the UK Subs,999,suicidal tendencies ,DOA,the Dead Kennedy’s,raw Power,the Dickies, GBH and many many more. The Band continued playing through the 80’s and recording several more tunes one Skin Heads was to be released on New Underground Records.clap hall shot

In 1990 the band took a turn and Mike and Robby Called it Quits and wanted to pursue other things in life. so johnny played in his side Cover Band Nostalgia Crisis while looking for new



mates for the band THE CLAP. The Line up has changed many times from 1991 till now. the band has also done several U.S. tours and European tours. In 1998 Johnny and the Band  recorded a CD of the bands early material called “CLEAN LIVING AND PENiCILLIN ” which sold out 1000 copies in 3 months. Then in 2003 they recorded and released the CD : IF LOOKS COULD KILL” which is still available now @ www.shutupstore.com the Band THE CLAP is also found on a number of compilation CD’s and records.We are currently working on new material to be released on vinyl. they are also playing shows and touring again ,chances are they will be coming to a town near you so  come out and catch the clap.Also watch for their Fall tours with punk legends THE PORK DUKES and remember THE CLAP AINT NOTHIN TILL YOU CATCH IT !!Dont say no coverthe calp press photo 2



show flier 13

Scheckler photo shoot 1Bubba's 3t-shirt art 13

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