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Looking to end this year and start a new

The end of the year is almost here  and The Clap is waiting to start the New Year ! We will be spending the Cold months working on a new LP ! We are going to start a Pledge Music Campaign So People Can order in advance for the first 250 which will be on a special colored Vinyl. We Will set up a Page to pre order the LP. We only use Paypal so get yourself an account and pre order the New Album By                                                                                                                 !THE CLAP !

There will also be a contest for the name of the Album ! Johnny wants the fans to be involved in this LP!

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Sweden review


På framsidan ser gruppen ut att vara lite av en skojpunkgrupp men det låter ändå ganska allvarligt när Clap kör sin punk genom mina högtalare. Denna skivan är från 1999 men två av låtarna är från 1982 så jag kan inte riktigt deras historia. Ganska tuff punkrock av det gamla slaget och jag tänker på amerikansk hardcore blandat med 77-punksattityd, lägg till detta lite av oipunk stil. Jag gillar deras ganska spretiga sound som verkligen osar av kärlek till punkrock etc och om de har ”viktiga” texter eller ej så bryr jag mig inte denna gång för jag tycker musiken får tala och det gör den…14/1-2015


At the front, the group seems to be a bit of a fun punk group but it sounds nonetheless quite serious when Clap drives his point through my speakers. This album is from 1999, but two of the songs are from 1982 so I can not really their story. Pretty tough punk rock of the old type, and I think of American hardcore mixed with 77-punk attitude, add this bit of oipunk style. I like their pretty sprawling sound that really smacks of love for punk rock etc and if they have “important” texts or not, I do not care this time I think the music will speak, and it does … 14/1-2015


Denna skiva med gruppen kom 2003. Några covers får vi här …det är bland annat en Victims-låt och en Professionals-låt… Annars är det välspelad med punkmått mätt punk som får avnjutas här. Det låter nästan lite sådär härligt farligt som det kan göra om dne här typen av musik och jag får känslan som jag fick en gång tidigt i punkens barndom när den var farlig för allmänheten. Johnnys röst påminner mig om något gammalt punkband och även musikaliskt är det ju mer 77 än 2000-talet om man säger så och det är i alla fall jag riktigt tacksam för för egentligen var väl punken bäst då eller? Kanske inte mest välspelad men det var otroligt mycket känslor på den tiden och allt skulle inte vara så välspelat och välproducerat och det har Clap tagit fasta på. 14/1-2015


This disc with the group came in 2003. A few cover songs we get here … it is partly Victims song and Professionals song … Otherwise it’s well played punkrock with punk  standards that may be enjoyed here. It almost sounds a bit like that delightfully dangerous as it can do if  this kind of music and I get the feeling that I was once in early childhood punk when it was dangerous to the public. Johnny’s voice reminds me of something old punk band and even musically it is the more 77  than  2000s so to speak and it is in any case I really thankful for was actually well-punk best when or what? Maybe not the most well played but it was incredibly much emotion at the time, and everything would not be so well played and well produced and it has Clap taken to heart. 14/1-2015


Detta är en helt ny singel med gruppen och tre nya låtar. Det verkar bara vara Johnny Loftus som är kvar i gruppen men han är väl gruppen så att säga. Det är ett modernare sound och det borde det ju vara och jag tänker på både grupper som Anti-Nowhere league samtidigt som Cocksparrer som jag tänker på Sham 69. Hoppas att detta ger er en bild av hur de låter och som ni förstår så tycker jag självklart att det låter riktigt bra! Jag tycker att Clap verkligen har lyft sig från att vara en bra punkgrupp till att ha blivit en fantastiskt bra punkgrupp.  14/1-2015


This is a brand new single with the group and three new songs. It just seems like Johnny Loftus, who remains in the group but he is well group, so to speak. It is a more modern sound and that should surely be, and I think of both groups as Anti-Nowhere League and Cocksparrer and in the same I think of Sham 69. Hope this gives you an idea of how they sound and as you can imagine, I think obviously it sounds really good! I think Clap really has lifted itself from being a good punk group to becoming a fantastic punk group. 14/1-2015

October 2015 Tour Dates

2015 tour Dates

2015 tour Dates


The Clap

“If Looks Could Kill”

CD, Strain Records, April 2004

The Clap is the longest running punk band in the Lehigh Valley (PA) area. I’ve had the privelege of seeing these songs live for a few years, so the actual release of this CD was like visiting an old friend. This line up includes Mark Kale (ex Robosphere, Weston, Swine Sallys, Digger etc…) on guitar and Mikey (ex Objects of Hate, 411 Blue Ribbon Band) on drums along with the Johnny Loftus, the punk rock legend on bass and vocals. This lineup is one of the most aggressive Clap lineups over the last 25 years. Their mix of originals and covers fits well. “1-2-3”, “Henry the 8th”, “Annette” and “Silver Bells” fit the Clap perfectly. The old tunes and more recently penned tunes all sound fresh and energetic. There are no clunkers here. I love the Clap and hope they are around for at least another 25 years!


The Clap

“Clean Living and Penicillin”

CD, Strain Records

This line up of the Clap (Roman, Rude Dog, and the ever present Johnny) was one of the longest lasting. These nine songs are very familiar to the local, over-21 punk fans. The Clap, as well as any one who has ever seen them live, feed off of Johnny’s energy, which appears to be limitless. Tell me how many grandparents are still playing their hearts out, doing what has meaning to them and making it still sound vital and not a lame send up. Three cheers for the Clap!


For CD’s and The NEW CD by THE CLAP Go to

FOE Review

The Clap “Look Before You Leap” 7″

“Look Before You Leap” 7″
Strain Records
Released: September 11, 2014

In order to be eligible for the 2015 Rock N Roll Hall of fame, artists or bands need to have released their first single or album in 1989 or earlier. So you know, Green Day is on the ballot this year. The Clap, the longest running punk rock band in the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania, began in the fall of 1978.

The Clap’s first single, “Don’t Say No” was released in 1981. So if you ask Johnny, the Clap vocalist/bassist, and the only remaining original member of the Clap in 2014, if they should have been on the rock n roll hall of fame ballot eight years ago, anyone who knows Johnny already knows the answer. The b-side of the 1981 single, “Killed By Kindness” made it onto “Killed By Death Volume 22”. So if you don’t have the 33 year old 7″, good luck, as the original press, along with the reissue on Dionysus are well out of print. Did I really just say that 7″ is 33 years old?
The 2014 version of The Clap just got off a mini East Coast US Tour with Menace (yes, that Menace – “GLC” etc…). The line up is rounded out by Mike (Drums) and Art (guitar), two long time Lehigh Valley punk veterans… that maybe were just born a decade or so after Johnny… well, maybe Mikey is even young enough to be one of Johnny’s kids…
Johnny, Mike, Art
The three songs on the “Look Before You Leap” 7″ / digital download were written and recorded by the new lineup in the summer of 2014.
“Look Before You Leap” is the inevitable grandpa advice from well, the grandpa Johnny Loftus, complete with his best mid-song, Burl Ives impression of a father/son advice session… the only thing missing is the visual of the son rolling his eyes at crazy old grandpa, well, that wasn’t missing from my brain, I saw it, that’s why I wrote it. “Impersonal” provides commentary on society’s fixation with handheld technology and the like. We do need to unplug. Johnny hits the nail on the head with this one and his vocals sound like he still has the vinegar of a 20 year old. “Impersonal” is a true standout song. “What I Saw In You” is a classic punk gem of questioning your judgement. Art’s guitar rips things up on all tracks.
The songs are all melodic, driving, punk rock. Johnny, Art and Mike sound like they have been playing together since 1978. All three songs unmistakably pay tribute to the Clap’s 1970s punk roots, fitting fluidly in the Clap discography, with solid hooks and pro-playing, creating an enjoyable record.
Head on over to the Clap bandcamp page to check the songs out for yourself.
Check out the Clap web page and Johnny’s Shut Up Store for other merch at: and

Very glad the Clap decided to head out with Menace and to record these three new tracks. I personally wouldn’t do with out this record.Cheers,
Frank FOE

Me And Ajax


Pork Dukes The Clap And Friends

legion show flier

More Vintage Photo’s of The Clap

Clarion college showJohnny 5The Clap VFW 3

Vintage Band Photo’s

American Legion  4

Original Line Up

Original Line Up

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